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Customer Testimonials

After one week of drinking the hydrogen water, the sensitivity is coming back into my feet after about six years.


Improved skin tone, lost weight, reduction of inflammation, reduction of asthatic symptoms. Drinking hydrogen water for over 3 months 🙂 Yay!!!


Increased regularity x1 week of drinking hydrogen water.


Yelp Reviews

      Customer service there is not the best. I went in to get some water and after I fill up my container the guys that works there ask why I didn't get the hydrowater because they are having a special on it right now.  It would have been more helpful telling me that when I came in not when I'm paying for the water. I'm also soppuse to be in a discount program with them and the lady let me know what all I had to do was tell them my name and I will get a discount on refills. Obviously that does not happen either because when I tell her my name, pay, and look at my receipt I'm still laying full price. I do not mind paying the full price but do not tell me one thing and do the opposite.

    thumb Amber C.

      Great water great service! Always good customer service when I walk in, and explaining the products and discounts, the place is great!

    thumb Christian G.

      Service is astonishingly poor. Had a problem with a bottle I purchased there. 3 gallon bottle with a spigot. The spigot leaked. Refund refused.

    Also I didn't receive a receipt upon purchase, it wasn't offered and I didn't ask-my mistake. The owner loudly insisted I did receive a receipt.  I actually argued with a stranger about something I had no need to lie about!

    She talked in circles with each statement she made then said she didn't say it when I reiterated

    I had to leave my bottle there overnight so she could see a drip, which never occurred according to them the next day.   Which I expected by now.

    I need more bottles but will drive from Pearland to Katy rather than shop there ever again!

    thumb Sandra W.

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